The Disadvantages of Solar Power

We all constantly hear how good solar power is, but one cannot present a convincing argument without looking at both sides of the story. While solar power has many benefits, it also has its drawbacks.

The first is also the most obvious. Namely, that the sun does not always shine. While cool weather and overcast days do not cause solar panels to stop functioning entirely, such conditions will reduce their output. For this reason alone, the likelihood of solar power being the only solution to the energy crisis of the future is slim. It is simply not possible, even in the hottest regions, to depend on solar energy entirely for a country’s electricity supply.

This is an important consideration, but not one that is particularly dominant if you are merely thinking of having solar panels installed on your roof. In the average home owners case, the demands on your solar panels will be far less than an entire country could generate. You will not be expecting it to power your home entirely forevermore, so providing you acknowledge the possible limitations of solar panels during the coldest and wettest months, you should be able to get by.

The other important disadvantage of solar power is the cost. Again using the idea of an average home owner; the installation of panels and conversion of your energy sources is a time consuming and costly process. While you will eventually recoup any investment by saving on your usual utility bills, for many the up front costs are prohibitive.

However, while these considerations are not small, they do not mean that solar power is not one of the most viable ways of generating renewable energy. The sun is our greatest resource, and it is somewhat surprising it has taken until now for us to utilise it fully.


  1. The author of this article has some good points however I think highly underplays the ability of solar power to provide a real and viable option to mainstream power grids where little or no service is available. Secondly it underplays the significant role wind and solar have to play in not only bringing down our costs, individually over time, but also the not insignificant role we all must play in keeping our planet and countries clean and free of pollutants.

    There is no doubt that science and it’s widely considered wisdom is under threat due to various political agendas. What is not at debate is that both solar and wind energy do not suck up valuable finite resources such as gas and oil. In addition the consumption of both wind and solar energy is genreally considered as not contributing to the pollution of our environment.

    Over the next few weeks and months we intend to provide articles and posts that enable YOU to decide whether wind and solar power systems can help you in your life, and do the benefits balance or exceed the costs.

    There is no denying it’s a fascinating subject, one that has many political implications and a subject that you’d be naive to think was just the hobby of hippies and dreamers. I look forward to navigating this sea of information with you.

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